I am a professional web developer and designer with a passion for all things tech. Ever since the day I logged into my first BBS server I knew what I wanted to do. As services like Prodigy became available I started toying around and learning about the new world wide web. After a few gif filled sites on Geocities I needed to learn more and started my path into application development.

In early 2000 I started a website development company named Immerse Graphics which as the name implies initially supplied graphics services. Some time after I released my custom CMS system Immprove which was designed with the simple goal of having no admin sections. After some experience with WordPress and Drupal I saw people got confused when switching between the public page and administration. To solve that problem Immprove was created to allow live editing on the page you are on.

Currently I spend most of my time working in the LAMP stack and specialize in object oriented PHP, Javascript and Design. Whenever possible I work to adhere to SOLID design principles and TDD, and passion for design has never faded. I work hard to balance both the back and front end of every application.