If you are like me the first thing that comes to mind when installing a new application is to fire up apt and download it from the repository. I mean why not get all the benefits of simple updates and configuration. Well quickly I noticed there were issues running npm and permissions. Npm will warn you when running sudo npm install -g and in my experience ignoring warnings is not the best way to get started with something.

NodeJs setup without sudo

After a bit a research I found a link to a Github Gist with instructions on how to configure your dev without having to worry about sudo. https://gist.github.com/isaacs/579814#file-node-and-npm-in-30-seconds-sh

I chose the first option which worked like a charm but it is worth a read as there may be one better suited for your needs.


And that’s all there is so far. Hope this can help save someone a little time and as I find more tips I will come back and update things.